My Daughter Has a New Song and a Game Plan

My oldest daughter has a little bit of a break between figure skating competitions and decided (along with her coach) to revamp her music and program.

After going through a bunch of songs, it sounds like she will be skating to "Once Upon a December," a song that was made famous by the movie Anastasia. She hasn't actually seen the movie (come to think of it, neither have I) but she is a Tara Lipinski fan and added it to her list of potential songs because Lipinski used it during one of her Olympic performances.

In addition to that, she decided to make another change, at least for the next couple of competitions. Up until this point, she was competing at the Beginner Freeskate level. She was doing relatively well and improving with each competition, to the point she probably could make the jump to high beginner next year. But, after some discussion and getting the thumbs up from her coach, she's going to make a switch and finish out the year competing in the showcase/artistic category instead.

This change is, in part, to give her a little more freedom with her program (more time and less required elements). I also think this level, which requires her to use the program to interpret the song, will help her the next time she auditions for a featured role in the annual ice show.

If she likes it, we may just keep her there. After all, she's probably not going to make it to the Olympics. She might as well have fun.


  1. I think this is a good idea, hope she does have a lot of fun with it & does well! But ya never know, she may just make it to the Olympics....


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