My Cat Was in the Toilet Again

Overall, I would like to believe cats are smart animals. But, there are times when I question that belief. This morning was one of those times.

Our cat, Echo, was being a pest this morning so I ended up getting out of bed earlier than I wanted to (I didn't want him keeping my wife awake). He decided to follow me into the bathroom which, in itself, isn't a big deal. But, as soon as I lifted the toilet lid up, he decided to run and leap into the toilet. He then realized his mistake (he actually started to realize it while he was still in the air) and immediately began to splash water everywhere as he hurried to get out then cower (dripping wet) in a corner of the room.

Now, everyone, including cats, makes mistakes and, had this been the first time, I probably wouldn't think much of it. But, this is the third time he has done that. You would think, considering he's a year old now, he would learn not to leap into the toilet bowl by now. I am seriously starting to wonder about him.


  1. That is just so funny! And yes, you would think that he would have learned his lesson by now...


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