Most Likely Will Be Saying Goodbye to "Christine" Today

My lease is running out on this car in a few weeks so I'm going to be going on a test drive later today and will most likely pull the trigger on replacing it (same type car, a Chevy Cruz, just a newer version).

Overall, I've had no major complaints about this one, other than maybe the need for a little more leg room (not a problem for me, but my wife and daughters all have long legs). However, I have not had a good history with cars that are no longer under warranty so I'm much more comfortable moving on to a newer car knowing any mechanical issues will be the dealer's responsibility.

Not to mention, my wife HATES this car. In addition to the lack of leg room for her, it seems to have it in for her. I nicknamed the car Christine (after Stephen King's book/movie) because the passenger will suddenly close as my wife is trying to get in. She's gotten bruised a couple times as a result and I've never seen that happen with anyone else. Maybe she'll like the replacement a little more.


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