Morning Walk Photos 7/13/2017

I didn't get an opportunity to take a walk yesterday because of the rain/storms that went through. So, I decided to at least stop by the lake on my way into the office to try to get some of my steps in. As always, I had my camera with me and got some photos.

There were quite a few geese by the lake this morning and, since they decided they didn't want to move, I had to walk around them.

The water was pretty rough this morning and was pushing these young ducks around.

In fact, I got a video of it:

When I first saw this duck, I thought it was dead. All its friends took to the water when they saw me. This one just continued to stay in the one spot and didn't budge. She, later, got up and walked away.

A picture of a gull as it stood by the water looking for food.


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