M*A*S*H Episode Review: "The M*A*S*H Olympics"

Synopsis: Dismayed over his camp's lack of physical fitness, Col. Potter (Harry Morgan) decides to hold a camp-wide "Olympics." Meanwhile, Hawkeye (Alan Alda) and B. J. (Mike Farrell) help an overweight soldier (Michael McManus) lose 20 pounds before he is discharged.

Review: I got to come home early today and, as a result of that, managed to get my chores done earlier than usual. So, while waiting until it is time to make dinner, I'm watching re-runs of the show M*A*S*H. This includes this particular episode.

I've seen this episode on multiple occasions and, while I still ended up watching it again, I always had a bit of a mixed opinion about it.

The overall concept of this episode isn't terrible. The M*A*S*H crew is out of shape but is less than enthused about doing morning exercises so Potter tries to be creative with getting his crew fit. Unfortunately, the 30-minute runtime of the episode prevents it from giving the "Olympics" the full execution that storyline deserves. In other words, with so many possible M*A*S*H-inspired events, it would have been nice to see a bit more variety than the episode actually delivers.

I also thought the part about Hawkeye and B. J. helping that overweight soldier didn't get as much time as it deserved. It would have been awesome to see some more of their fitness and diet regiment, especially with Klinger (Jamie Farr) being inspired to gain weight in an effort to get discharged. I honestly think this episode would have been better as two separate episodes so both of the main stories would have gotten the proper amount of attention.

Final Opinion: It's an OK episode. But, the overall execution is lacking and the episode just isn't as funny as it had the potential to be. Basically, it was one of those episodes that made me wish this show had hour-long episodes.

My Grade: C


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