Lunchtime Walk Photos 7/28/2017

Normally, when I take a walk, I pick a direction and just see what I come across. However, on occasion, I'll be a bit more purposeful with my walk and head in a specific direction in an effort to get a specific photo.

Today was one of those days. I saw a turtle resting on a rock on the far side of a pond and made an effort to get close enough to get a good photo of it. This wasn't as easy as it sounds either. The trail on that side of the pond isn't mowed down like the other trails and I had to walk through some knee-high grass, avoiding thistle and hidden gopher holes (not to mention ticks). I also had to be careful not to step on any snakes (we don't have anything poisonous here, I just didn't want to injure one).

At the same time, I had to be as quiet as possible and remain as hidden as possible so the turtle wouldn't see me and dive into the water before I got my photo. In the end, I succeeded and even managed to get a few other photos before heading back to the office.


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