I've Been a Parent 13 Years Today

My oldest daughter, Azalea, officially becomes a teenager today. It's something I knew would eventually happen. But, it sure did seem to happen a lot faster than expected.

After thirteen years of parenthood, I think I've come to a realization. Everyone, upon becoming a parent for the first time, thinks they will be a perfect mom/dad to the perfect child. But, eventually, reality sets in and they realize there is no such thing. My wife and I have made mistakes. Our daughter has made just as many. And, all we can do is be patient, do our best, let her become her own person and hope things turn out OK.


  1. We think that you both are doing a wonderful job raising our granddaughters...they are smart, loving, kind, gentle (& many other things) little girls....I'm sure they will make mistakes (as we all do) but I know they will also learn from those mistakes....We are very proud of the two of you & of our 2 special granddaughters....be proud of yourselves too...


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