I Think My Cats Purposely Think Up New Ways to Torment Us

Our oldest cat, Echo, does not take no for an answer when he's hungry during the night and seems to be very creative with getting his point across. Originally, he would scrape at the carpet (loudly). Then he escalated and started getting on my nightstand and knocking things off. And, once we adopted his little brother, he started getting Mouse in on the act too.

Early this morning, they introduced a new trick. Apparently, we were successfully ignoring him because he (and Mouse) decided to do something new. Both of them got underneath our dresser, making plenty of noise in the process.

Keep in mind, this is not an easy task. The dresser sits flat on the floor and the only way for the cats to get underneath it is by crawling behind it (a tight squeeze), making themselves completely flat and crawling into the very small gap between the floor and the bottom drawer. I'm not even sure how Echo managed to do this. He's not a small cat by any means (he could stand to lose a couple pounds) and the only way he could get out is by having us remove the drawer so he could exit through the front, which, of course, required us to get out of bed first.

As a result of this, I'm finding it really hard to believe this was some sort of cat-like whim. I truly believe it was a stroke of pure evil they've been planning for some time now. It makes me afraid to find out what they have planned for next time.


  1. That's too funny lol & people don't believe it when I say I don't like cats....lol


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