I Made It to the Top

While on our family trip to the Mackenzie Environmental Center, my wife and daughters decided they wanted to climb the fire tower that is open to visitors.

It is an 80-foot tower with public access to the platform about 40-feet off the ground. I absolutely HATE heights. But, even though that was way outside my comfort zone (I get butterflies standing on a step ladder), I decided to climb it too.

I wasn't sure how far up I would get. However, I made it to the 40-foot platform and even stayed up there long enough to take photos. So, I'm pretty proud of myself (as well as proud of my daughters, neither of which is crazy about heights either).

I kind of wish I would have brought a Slinky with me.


  1. Beautiful view & congrats to all of you for making that climb, not sure if I could have done it!


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