Final Thoughts from the Doctor Who Episode "The Doctor Falls"

Here are my thought's from last night's season finale:

1. I don't know what direction the writers plan on taking this series now that Peter Capaldi's run as the Doctor is coming to an end. But, this episode sure was dropping a lot of hints the next Doctor will be female. Of course, that could just be an effort to throw us off too.

2. I'm not convinced we've seen the last of the Master. Sure, Missy (Michelle Gomez) looked dead at the end of this episode and her previous self (John Simm) made sure to kill her in a way that prevented her from regenerating. But, I just don't think this is the same series without the Doctor's arch rival and suspect we'll see the character (in a different form) again.

3. Speaking of Missy/the Master, if that character is gone for good, I don't think I could think of a better way to kill him/her off. And, if nothing else, at least now we know what prompted that character's regeneration into Missy in the first place. However, I'm still a little confused how this doesn't count as that character crossing his/her own timeline, something that is supposed to be against the rules.

4. The more I think about it, the more I like the way the episode brought and end to Bill (Pearl Mackie). The new Doctor will be able to move on with a different companion but, at the same time, the episode left the door open for her return. Personally, however, I hope this is the last time we see her (other than maybe in a cameo). I tried hard to like her as a companion but she just never won me over.

5. I'm also glad to see Nardole (Matt Lucas) apparently moving on from being the Doctor's companion. That character was just annoying and didn't seem to serve any real purpose.

6. One thing I am curious about is how the Doctor will react to his (or her) experience fighting the Cybermen. He was defeated badly and, even though he will regenerate and fight another day, he left Nardole and the remaining humans behind to eventually die. Unless there are plans to have him return to the Cyberman-infested ship, I have to think this is going to be something that will have a negative influence on Doctor #13.

Final Opinion: Overall, I have to say this was a decent season finale. It brought closure to the Missy storyline and did a good job setting up the new Doctor and his/her new companion. I can't wait until the Christmas episode now.

My Grade: A


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