Afternoon Walk Photos 7/10/2017

My daughters had a dentist appointment in Fond du Lac today (no cavities) and, across from the dentist's office, there was a retention pond/walking trail so we decided to check it out. I had my camera in the car with me so I brought it along and got some photos.

We saw this egret a couple different times on our walk but it was closest to us as we were getting ready to leave. I think it was busy hunting frogs because it pretty much ignored us.

I wasn't able to get as close to this heron, which decided to stay on the opposite end of the pond and flew off once it saw us moving. But, it was still a pretty cool sight.

I saw this pair of dragonflies buzzing over the water and thought it would make a good photo. Kind of wish I was able to get a bit closer though.

A picture of the retention pond.

A picture of my wife hanging out in the gazebo.


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