When Did I Turn into My Dad (A Poem)

I'm walking through the house turning off lights
Like I'm a police officer walking his beat.
And, during the winter,
I'm the first to look at the thermostat and turn down the heat.
I find myself getting up at the crack of dawn,
Even on mornings when I don't need to.
Yet, in the evenings, I watch TV and movies
While trying to pretend my eyelids are see-through.
It's not like stuff like this
Frustrates me or makes me mad.
I just want to know,
When did I turn into my dad?
I'm getting gray hair, which isn't that big of a deal.
After all, I'm not ashamed of my years.
But, do I really need to get that gray hair
Growing out of my ears?
I seem to get aches and pains quite often.
Everything from my fingers and toes to my knees.
And, did I seriously just get another one in my back
Because I had to sneeze?
Stuff like this should probably be making me grumpy.
Or, at minimum, be making me quite sad.
I, however, can live with it
Just as long as someone tells me when, exactly, I turned into my dad.


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