Review of Schwan's Live Smart Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod

My wife and I decided to make fish for dinner tonight, mostly because we had purchased this product some time ago and remembered it was in our freezer.

Normally, $16.99 for 8 fish fillets would be too much for our consideration. But, it's hard to find high quality fish around here and we figured it would be worth taking a chance on something a little different. While I'm still not completely sure it was worth the money, after trying the product tonight, I do think it was pretty decent.

I ended up preparing this fish in our oven and, when it was done, was very impressed with the breading because it came out nice and crisp. This definitely scored it some points with me because I've purchased plenty of similar products I couldn't say that about and, at minimum, made it worth spending a little more on.

I also thought the grain in the breading gave it a unique taste that did a good job complementing the natural taste of the cod and wasn't overwhelming. As I mentioned before, our seafood choices are a little limited here and that uniqueness, again, was something that was definitely appreciated.

As I said before, I'm not sure if it was worth the full $16.99 we spent on it and, because of that, I don't think it is a product we would buy on a regular basis. However, it is something I would consider buying as a luxury purchase the next time we are in the mood for fish and want something different from what we can find at our local grocery stores.

My Grade: B


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