Review of Kirkland Signature Cheese Pizza

My wife and I did our routine Costco shopping trip a couple weeks ago and, while there, ended up in the frozen food section. As we were walking by the frozen pizzas, we noticed this particular brand and, more importantly the price (a pack of four pizzas for $9.99). Since we tend to eat a lot of frozen pizza in our house (for the convenience) and cheese is our daughters' favorite, we decided to make the purchase.

We made one of these for our daughters not too long after we made the purchase. However, they didn't really comment about the pizza either way and, because of that, we didn't know how good they were. However, a couple nights ago, we were in the mood for an easy dinner-for-two (our daughters had already eaten a little earlier) and, mostly because we didn't want to run to the store, ended up making one of these on our pizza oven. As it turns out, they are actually really good.

One of the things I found I liked about this pizza right of the bat was the crust. A lot of frozen pizzas either offer paper-thin crust (which we both dislike) or very thick crust (which never turns out right when we use our pizza oven). This pizza crust had just the right thickness to it. It wasn't thin to the point the pizza slices bent over from the weight of the toppings (a HUGE pet peeve of mine). But, it was still thin enough to get crispy when we baked it. It also had a good flavor to it, something that isn't always the case with frozen pizzas, especially when they are from a budget-priced brand.

I was also impressed with the quantity of cheese on this pizza. Many frozen brands tend to skimp on cheese. This brand didn't and the overall quality was better because of that.

Another thing I found I liked about this product was the sauce. I'm a little picky when it comes to pizza sauce and want something that has enough seasonings to give it a noticeable flavor without being overly spicy. There aren't many brands that fall into that category and I'm happy to say this one is one of the ones that does. And, especially when the affordable price is taken into consideration, is one of the reasons I would definitely purchase this product again.

My Grade: A


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