Review of Zumbo's Just Desserts

Synopsis: Australian cooking game show hosted by Adriano Zumbo and featuring amateur chefs completing themed desserts in a set amount of time. The two lowest-scoring contestants each week must compete in an elimination round that involved re-creating a Zumbo original dessert as close to the original as possible.
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I Wasn't Expecting to See That Today

My parents called me a few minutes ago to tell me there were a couple hot air balloons flying by. I was able to get outside with my camera just as they were flying past the end of our street. My camera battery was almost dead but I did get a couple photos.

Movie Review: Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009)

Synopsis: In 1989, Mary Mattock, who suffers from menstrual psychosis and is serving time in a psychiatric hospital for murdering her family, is raped by a prison guard and becomes pregnant. When she gives birth and is told the baby was still born, she goes on a killing spree at the hospital before being gunned down by the police.
The anniversary of her death is celebrated by local high school students as "Blood Night." This is all fun and games until a group of teenagers, celebrating in 2008, apparently unleash her vengeful spirit.
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Movie Review: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Synopsis: After traveling throughout Britain and assembling his Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur is given a quest by God to seek out the Holy Grail. He and his knights accept the challenge and encounter a series of obstacles including everything from a man-killing rabbit to a group of rude French knights guarding a castle.
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Review of Kirkland Signature Belgian Chocolate Crepes

Product Description: Candy treat from the Costco Kirkland Signature brand consisting of crisp, wafer-sized biscuits covered in Belgian chocolate. I had a chance to sample this item over the course of the past few days after someone brought a box of the crepes to the office and left them sitting out for every one to try.
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So I Am Fairly Certain Our Cat Used to Be a Dog in a Past Life

Unlike his brother, Echo (or, as I affectionately call him, Satan), Mouse is one of the most well-behaved cats I have ever had. He doesn't get into too much trouble, lets us sleep at night and has some quirky habits that make me wonder if maybe he's secretly a dog or was one in a past life.

For one, this cat loves to be brushed. Yes, I'm certain there are cats out there that are the same way. But, I've had a lot of cats in my life and this is the first one I can say that about. He'll even stare at his brush until I pick it up and roll over on his back so I can get his belly.

In addition to that, he'll follow our youngest daughter around the house like a puppy and, in the mornings, will sit outside her door waiting for her to get up.

This morning, I was playing with him using one of his cat toys (a cheap one consisting of a piece of cork on the end of a wire that he loves). He managed to pull it out of my hand and had it on the other side of the living room. Th…

Movie Review: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

Synopsis: After an elaborate FBI trap results in Jason Voorhees being blown up, the serial killer is finally believed to be dead. However, while his body was destroyed, his spirit still lives and has the ability to possess other people. This allows him to continue his killing spree while looking for one of his remaining three blood relatives.
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