Our Local Ice Rink is Reportedly in First Place

The vote tallies aren't shown any more so there's no way to confirm this 100 percent. But, our board members were apparently told the Beaver Dam Family Center is sitting in first place with a little over a week left in round 2 voting.

If they make it to the final round of voting, they will have a real chance to earn $50,000 in new lighting, something that would be a huge boon for the volunteer-run rink.

If you're interested in helping them out by casting your vote, the link is here:

Foggy Tracks

Re-sharing a photo I took a couple years ago. I can't wait until spring gets here so I can start going outdoors with my camera again.

Here's a Picture of a Duck

I don't have any real reason for sharing this photo (taken a couple years ago). It's just a gloomy day out there and I figured I would share it to hopefully brighten it for someone.

Movie Review: Dismissed (2017)

Synopsis: A high school English teacher, Mr. Sheldon, is excited when a new student, Lucas Ward, joins his class and shows above-average intelligence and an eagerness to be the very best student. However, he quickly learns Lucas is more dangerous than he seems when the teen begins to sabotage his career and his marriage after receiving a B+ on one of his papers.

You can read my review here:

Book Review: Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie (1934)

Synopsis: After a reverend dies at a dinner part, Hercule Poirot believes the man, who was in poor health, died of natural causes. However, when a doctor dies in a similar fashion at another party with many of the same guests and is determined to have been poisoned, Poirot realizes he made a mistake the first time and agrees to help an actor and his companions solve the case.

You can read my review here:

This is Something They Don't Discuss in the Parenting Handbooks

I woke up this morning to the news our school district will be having a 2-hour weather delay.

We didn't get snow last night. But, we did have a bit of freezing rain and our superintendent must be under the impression the roads are just slick enough to justify a later start. This is an opinion I don't share. I personally thought the streets were fine and have heard the same about the country roads. At minimum, they aren't as bad as they were a few weeks ago, when we had several inches of snow and schools were on time.

The most annoying part of this delay is, even though the kids get one, my wife and I don't. That means we are scrambling to rearrange our mornings so we can get them to school. We think we have it figured out (she takes the oldest daughter on her way to work and I went into the office but will come home for an early lunch and take our youngest daughter). But it is definitely an inconvenience that required a lot more forethought than it was worth.