Oeschner Park Zoo and River Walk in Baraboo, WI

My wife wanted to do some sort of family activity this weekend and, after some consideration, I decided to visit the Oeschner Park Zoo in Baraboo. Part of the reason for this was the fact it was free (I didn't want to spend our grocery budget). Plus, it was only about an hour away.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves. It's not a huge zoo but there was a decent selection of animals. Plus, we enjoyed walking the river trail afterwards.

My only suggestion, if you visit, is to make sure you have cash with you. I ended up putting what was left of my cash in one of the donation boxes before realizing I could use quarters to buy food for the goats and the souvenir stand didn't take credit/debit cards. We'll have to remember that the next time we go.

Here are some photos I took:

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