An Amazing Air Display

The EAA air show is happening in Oshkosh soon and, since we are a little south of there, we usually see some of the planes as they head up. Today, we heard a ruckus outside and got out there in time to watch hundreds of planes as they flew over our neighborhood. It was pretty cool to watch. I, of course, forgot to take my camera with me at first. But, I did run back in and grab it in time to get a few photos.

I Have Decided Gardening Season is a lot Like Thanksgiving

There is a lot of great food to choose from but, instead of leftover turkey, you are trying to figure out how to use all that zucchini.

Movie Review: Playdate (2012)

Synopsis: Emily Valentine decides to take a leave of absence from work and spend more time at home with her husband and daughter. When a single mom, Tamara, moves in next door with her two sons, she thinks there's something "off" about the new family, especially when she notices bruises on both of the boys and her daughter is pushed and breaks her arm during a playdate with the youngest of the two boys. Despite her husband believing she is just bored and missing work, she begins digging deeper and puts her family in danger.

Who's in it? The movie stars Marguerite Moreau, Richard Ruccolo, Abby Brammell, Natalie Alyn Lind, Julien Dean Lacroix and Aidan Potter.

Review: My wife and I finally had a night free of skating/dance and other parental commitments and, since I'm putting off mowing the lawn until this weekend, we had time to make grilled zucchini pizzas and watch a movie together.

I recently added a few movies to my Netflix list. When choosing between them last …

Just Some Random Photos

I haven't had much of a chance to post photos the past couple of days so I'm just cleaning off my camera and posting some I took on my various walks.

We Tried Something New For Dinner Last Night

My zucchini plants are really starting to take over the garden and my refrigerator crisper drawer was already filled so my wife and I decided to experiment last night with grilled zucchini pizzas, using a recipe I found here.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from these. But, they did turn out to be surprisingly good. The butter/garlic that is spread on the zucchini while it is grilling adds a nice complementary taste to the pizza sauce and we were able to make them even more pizza-like by adding a slice of pepperoni to each of them.

They also proved to be very filling. I wasn't sure if we made enough (we sliced up two medium-sized zucchini). But, there was enough leftover for me to bring some to work with me for lunch (I'm sure it won't be as good warmed up though).

Here are some suggestions when making these:

1. Don't go by the cook times in the recipe because thicker slices take longer to cook than thinner slices. You'll want to wing it when making these …

Our Vegetable Table Was a Success Last Night

My daughter's skating club came up with this idea (well, actually, they may have borrowed it). Members were asked to bring any extra garden vegetables they wanted to get rid of and they set up a veggie exchange table at the ice rink last night.

It was a surprising success with people bringing everything from zucchini to garlic to share.

Movie Review: Brain on Fire (2016)

Synopsis: A 21-year-old journalist begins to experience everything from numbness and seizures to hallucinations. When various medical tests come back negative, her doctors believe her issues are psychological and want to send her to a psychiatric hospital. Her divorced parents and boyfriend, however, aren't convinced and continue to fight for more tests.

Who's in it? The movie stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Jenny Slate, Thomas Mann, Carrie-Anne Moss, Richard Armitage and Tyler Perry.

Review: I came across this movie on Netflix a few days ago and, while it's not something I would normally find myself watching, I thought it would be a movie my wife would enjoy and I added it to my list. We ended up watching it last night and, after seeing the film, I have to admit it was considerably better than I would have expected it to be.

As I've said in the past, I'm a fan of mysteries. And, this film fit into that genre nicely. It didn't quite fit into the murder mystery genre I …