Movie Review: Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)

Synopsis: In 1787, the British ship, Bounty, is given the task of sailing to Tahiti and bringing back breadfruit trees while under the command of Captain William Bligh. Bligh proves to be both incompetent and cruel, leading to unrest with the men on board the ship. Caught in the middle of this is his 1st Lieutenant, Fletcher Christian, who is disgusted by his captain's actions but is reluctant to take action.

Who's in it? The movie stars Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard, Richard Harris, Hugh Griffith and Richard Haydn.

Review: I have wanted to see this particular movie for a number of years now but never seemed to find the time to do so, especially since the film is nearly 3 hours in length. However, I had some free time yesterday morning, while my wife was still in bed and the kids were at their grandmother's and was able to get through just enough of it to be able to finish it up early this morning. Overall, I have to say I was happy I finally had the opportunity to see it.


Skate With Santa Open Skate

One of the events I'm helping organize for the Beaver Dam Family Center. This is a popular food drive event and is open to the public.

Book Review: Death of a Valentine by M. C. Beaton (2010)

Synopsis: Raised by strict parents, Annie Fleming chooses to rebel by using her good looks to manipulate men, including her local boss and the local minister. So, when she is killed by a bomb disguised as a valentine, there is a seemingly endless list of suspects for Sergeant Hamish Macbeth to comb through. To make matters worse, the constable assigned to help the newly-promoted Macbeth, Josie McSween is more interested in tricking the sergeant into marrying her.

Review: After finishing up the Perry Mason book I was reading earlier this week, I immediately got started on this murder mystery, which I had checked out at the library at the same time. And, once again, I wound up enjoying the book so much, I had a hard time putting it down. In fact, if my eyes were getting tired to the point the words were blurry, I probably would have finished this the same day.

There are a couple things I found I really enjoyed about this particular book. The first one was the mystery, which proved to be …

Leftovers (A Poem)

When did my kids Stop eating like birds? They are already asking me for seconds And I haven't even had my firsts.
How did they even eat their food so fast? Seriously, I haven't got a clue. They had to inhale it like a vacuum Because there's no way they had time to chew.

Our storage containers are empty and collecting dust. Seeing them going unused makes me a bit blue. I mean, come on now, I already had to pay for dinner. Are you telling me I also have to buy lunch too?
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my kids aren't starving. I'm proud of the fact I'm keeping them well-fed and safe. It's just, sometimes I wonder If maybe I'm raising miniature versions of Henry the Eighth.
Honestly, I don't mind that they eat. I just wish they'd save at least some of it for later. Is it really that much to ask To have a few more leftovers in our refrigerator?

Book Review: The Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece by Erle Stanley Gardner (1946)

Synopsis: Attorney Perry Mason is hired to help wealthy Peter Kent navigate through an ugly divorce and an attempted takeover bid by his crooked business partner. However, when one of Kent's house guests is stabbed and the bloody knife is found under his pillow, Mason must also defend his client against murder charges. The only evidence he has in his favor is Kent's niece, who claims her uncle sleepwalks.

Review: I took a short break from Perry Mason books following The Case of the Caretaker's Cat, but decided to check another one out while I was at our local library last week. I was able to read this book in a relatively short amount of time and, for the most part, did enjoy it.

The mystery itself, to be honest, was a bit weak. I was able to figure out who the murder victim was going to be long before he was actually dead and, based on who that victim was and the "casual" circumstance that was meant to make his murder seem to be a case of mistaken identity, it wa…

We Are Up and Running on Disney+

It required a little bit of debate but I decided to sign up for Disney's new streaming service, which went live today. I only had a few minutes to check it out this morning but, so far, the $6.99/month looks to be a good investment.

I don't think it is anything that is ever going to completely replace Netflix. But, I do think it is a nice supplement to the more-established streaming service, at least if you are a household that has kids.

The service was dragging a little bit this morning, with the occasional error (which I would expect to happen on the first day) but, from what I saw, there was a fairly decent mix of movies and TV series, including quite a few classics that I grew up on, like Darkwing Duck, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, The Apple Dumpling Gang and Willow. Of course, I'm sure my youngest daughter will be watching the Descendants movies on a loop.

At first, I didn't think this service offered the ability to set up separate profiles for each family member. …

Movie Review: Suicide Battalion (1958)

Synopsis: American soldiers defending a Philippine island during World War II are overwhelmed by the Japanese. With American forces in full retreat, a small group of men are given the task of entering enemy territory in an attempt to destroy a captured American base containing valuable intelligence information.
You can read my review here: