Last Page (A Poem)

I wake up each morning wondering
Where my life is heading, what I'm supposed to do.
There seems to be this great uncertainty ahead of me
And my future is hidden by a fog I just can't see through.

Some days it's frustrating
To the point I want to act out in a rage.
It's like I'm living in a mystery novel
That seems to be missing the last page.

Each day I pray to the author for some guidance,
Just something to help see me through.
I don't need Him to give me all the answers.
I just wish He would occasionally give me a clue.

His silence can be overwhelming
And leave my spirit feeling beaten and worn.
As I continue to live out this great big mystery novel
Out of which, the last page is torn.

Movie Review: In the Tall Grass (2019)

Synopsis: While driving to San Diego with her brother, Cal, Becky Demuth gets sick and they need to pull over on the side of the road. When they hear a child calling for help from the nearby tall grass, they decide to find him. However, when they get separated and can't find each other or the road, it becomes apparent there is something else going on.
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Movie Review: The Black Castle (1952)

Synopsis: When two of his friends disappear while in Austria, Sir Ronald Burton suspects the sinister Count Karl von Bruno may be the reason behind it and, traveling under an alias, decides to investigate. Unfortunately for him, the count suspects something is amiss and, when his secret finally is revealed, Burton must escape the Count's booby trap-laden castle.
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Book Review: Death of a Dreamer by M. C. Beaton (2007)

Synopsis: Newcomer Effie Garrand is determined to make a life for herself in Lochdubh and even sells some of her handmade crafts to the locals. However, when artist Jock Fleming comes to town, she is immediately smitten with him and, when he doesn't show any interest in her, makes up a story about him getting her pregnant and proposing.
When Effie is later found dead following a confrontation with Jock, everything points to suicide. But, Constable Hamish Macbeth isn't convinced and, despite no help from his superiors, goes in search of a murderer.
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Halloween Open Skate

Just sharing information about the Halloween Open Skate I'm organizing with the help of my daughter.
October 26 at the Beaver Dam Family Center.

Movie Review: The Monster Squad (1987)

Synopsis: A group of misfits form a club centered around their shared obsession with horror movie monsters. What they don't realize is their expertise will soon be needed as Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy, the Wolf Man and the Gillman come to their hometown in search of an amulet that, if destroyed, will allow evil to take over the world.
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Movie Review: The Founder (2016)

Synopsis: In 1954, an unsuccessful traveling salesperson, Ray Kroc, stumbles upon a successful restaurant owned by two brothers. Impressed with their business model, he convinces them to let him franchise their restaurant, McDonald's. However, his dreams of creating a restaurant empire are hindered by the brothers' conservative approach to business.
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