Riverdale: Could Pop Tate Be the Gargoyle King?

OK, to tell you the truth, I'm still a little undecided about this whole Griffins and Gargoyles thing going on in this season of Riverdale. However, I am admittedly somewhat intrigued about who the Gargoyle King is. And, I have my own theory. I think it's Pop Tate (Alvin Sanders).

This theory is based on a couple of things:

First, we know G &G has been going on in Riverdale since at least the 1990s, when Riverdale's parents were the ones still in high school.

Second, if Jughead's (Cole Sprouse) theory about the Gargoyle King controlling everything that happens in Riverdale is correct, then that person needs to have some long-term connection to the city.

Assuming, of course, the current Gargoyle King isn't a copycat or some character that hasn't been introduced yet, the fact the game has been around since at least the 90s means the king must be older than the first set of high school students to play it. After all, someone had to create the game, distribute …

Movie Review: Snow Devils (1967)

Synopsis: After a weather station is destroyed in the Himalayas in an apparent Yeti attack, Rod Jackson and Frank Pulasky are sent to investigate both that and a mysterious ray that is melting the polar ice caps. While there, they encounter a race of aliens that are working to change the Earth's climate so they can live there.
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Movie Review: Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd

Synopsis: Best friends Rocky and Puddin' Head are waiting tables at an inn in Tortuga when Lady Jane asks them to deliver a love letter. They fail in this task and, instead, mix up the love letter with a treasure map belonging to the notorious Captain Kidd. When they discover the mistake, Rocky and Puddin' Head decide to hide the map and force Kidd and his business partner, Capt. Bonney, to share the treasure.
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Movie Review: Malevolent (2018)

Synopsis: Siblings Jackson and Angela run a profitable scam involving Angela pretending to be a medium with the ability to talk to ghosts and convince them to leave people's homes. When Jackson insists they pull the same scam at a former foster home with a history of a brutal mass murder, he thinks of it as just another job. However, this time, something is different. Angela really can see and hear the ghosts of the little girls who were tortured and killed.
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The Fundraiser Seems to Have Been Successful

I'm still waiting on final numbers but did hear the live and silent auctions at Saturday's fundraising banquet raised more than $10,000 for our local ice rink.

That doesn't include ticket sales, games, the raffle table or money we made whenever someone ordered a featured drink from the bar. Plus we had something like $1500 in cash donations prior to the event (though some of that was spent on things we needed). So, considering this was the first (and only) time I ran this event, I think it did relatively well.

Now to start working on my next project for the rink...

Movie Review: The Blob (1958)

Synopsis: Teenagers Steve Andrews and Jane Martin are on a date when they witness a meteorite crashing. They decide to search for it but come across an old man with an odd, slime-like substance attached to his arm and take him to see Dr. Hallen instead. When Steve sees the alien "blob" eat Dr. Hallen and grow, he realizes the whole town is in danger. But, nobody will believe him.
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The Walking Dead Episode Review: Who Are You Now?

Synopsis: Six years after Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was seemingly killed, the remaining survivors have turned their communities into safe havens. However, when Rick's daughter, Judith (Cailey Fleming), insists a new group of survivors be helped and brought to Alexandria, an overprotective Michonne (Danai Gurira) doesn't want them to stay.
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