Movie Review: Evolution (2001)

Synopsis: Two professors at a small Arizona college investigate a newly-fallen meteorite and discover rapidly-evolving alien organisms. Their research is hijacked by the United States Army but the military intervention isn't enough to keep the quickly-growing creatures from spreading through an underground cavern system and terrorizing residents in a near-by town.
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Lunchtime Walk Photos 4/22/2019

We are supposed to get rain (potentially storms) later so, while the weather was still nice enough to allow for it, I slipped out for a lunchtime walk at the park.

I didn't see too much out. But, I did managed to get a few photos before returning to the office.

Book Review: Death of a Macho Man by M. C. Beaton (1996)

Synopsis: If there's one thing Constable Hamish Macbeth can't stand, it is bullies. So, when newcomer braggard Randy Duggan challenges him to a fight, Macbeth decides to accept the challenge even though it could cost him his job and possibly even his health. When Duggan doesn't show up for the fight and is later found murdered, Macbeth, a potential suspect himself, must find out who was tormented enough by Duggan to want to kill him.

Review: Even though I don't need to spend as much time as the ice rink now that the ice show is over. But, I have still been making an effort to find time to read nightly. This includes this book, which I finished last night and can say I definitely enjoyed.
The thing that surprised me about this book was the mystery wasn't as easy to solve as I originally thought it would be. I had a suspect in mind from almost the beginning and, ultimately, my suspicions proved to be correct. However, until Hamish figured out the connection, I had no …

I Checked Out our New Boardwalk This Morning

I had a few extra minutes and it was just a couple blocks from the office so I figured I would try out the new boardwalk connecting the city of Beaver Dam to Edgewater Park, located just outside of town.

I'm not convinced it was worth the $199,000 the city spent on it, especially since one end of it is on a street that is badly in need of some repair. I was also very disappointed to see the number of trees that had to be cut down in order to put this walkway in place. But, it was kind of cool being able to reach a park that, up until this point, required me to drive about a mile outside of town to reach.

I did bring my camera with me and got a few photos of the boardwalk and along the lake on the other side of it.

Movie Review: The Basement (2018)

Synopsis: Craig Owen, a successful musician and unfaithful husband, drives to a convenience store and is abducted by a notorious Los Angeles serial killer known for using a blow torch to decapitate his victims. Tied to a chair in the killer's basement, Craig is subjected to torture as the killer, wearing a series of costumes, forces him to stand trial and be punished for the murders his captor committed.
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Book Review: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (1939)

Synopsis: Eight guests and two servants are invited to an isolated island mansion and are targeted by a serial killer copying a grim nursery rhyme. Unable to leave and cut off from rescue by a storm, the guests must figure out which of them is the killer before there are no survivors.

Review: I started reading this Agatha Christie novel some time ago. However, I had just finished watching a movie that was based off of the book and, since it wasn't as enjoyable when I already knew who the killer was, I gave up reading it after a couple chapters.

However, while at the library a couple weeks ago, I came across the book again and, realizing I no longer remembered anything that happened in the film, decided to give it another try. This time, I finished the entire book and enjoyed every page of it.

I've read quite a few Christie novels and this one is right at the top of my list of favorites. I can honestly say I think this is the perfect murder mystery.

The thing that really won me …

Movie Review: The Silence (2019)

Synopsis: A cave research team accidentally releases a race of flying prehistoric creatures that hunt by sound. As the creatures spread out, killing humans by the hundreds, the Andrews family decides to leave the city and find a remote shelter instead. As the world begins to collapse back to the dark ages, they face their own challenges, including a religious cult looking for more members.
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