Review of Wenzel's Farm Beef Sticks

I decided to walk up the street to Kwik Trip a short while ago, both because I skipped my lunchtime walk and because I was in the mood for a light snack (I had lunch kind of early this morning).

I wasn't really sure what I was in the mood for when I got there and ended up considering quite a few different options. However, after some thought, I ended up purchasing this item.

This was my first time trying this particular product and, because of that, I wasn't really sure what to expect from it (especially since I don't normally buy beef sticks). But, after trying it, I have to say I was impressed.

One of the main reasons why I don't normally purchase products like this is the beef sticks I've had in the past were a little too "bold" for my tastes. While I'm not opposed to eating spicy foods in general, they do tend to upset my stomach and, because of that, I don't eat them as much as I used to.

This product, however, did not fall into that categor…

Movie Review: Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Synopsis: A pair of siblings driving home from college and are stalked by an unknown driver who has hundreds of bodies hidden in the basement of an abandoned church.

Who's in it? The movie stars Gina Philips, Justin Long, Jonathan Breck, Brandon Smith and Patricia Belcher.

Review: This is a movie I've seen several times (including last night) and, even though it doesn't have quite the same impact it did the first time I saw it (and hadn't seen the surprise twists yet), is still a film I enjoy every time I watch it.

I think the thing I like best about this horror movie is the way it keeps the "Creeper's" identity and motivation a mystery until toward the end of the film. When their stalker is first introduced, driving his seemingly-ancient truck, it's unclear who or what he is. At first, he seems perfectly human. But, as the movie progresses, there are clues that indicate he might be much more than that.

I also like how he starts stalking them without wa…

Another Squirrel Photo

A different squirrel a short distance away from the one I posted earlier. This one had a short stare-down with me before deciding to climb up the tree and hide.

Just a Duck Photo

I didn't see too much when I was on my morning walk this morning. However, there were quite a few ducks swimming around and I was able to get a photo of this one as it swam past the pier I was standing on.

Peek-a-Boo Squirrel

I haven't been getting too many squirrel photos lately (which should be surprising considering they are everywhere). But, I did manage to capture a photo of this squirrel as it peeked out from behind a tree while I was on my walk at lunch today.

I'm Making Pinto Bean Soup for Tonight

This is something I normally save for colder evenings. But, Summer has dance class tonight and Azalea has skating lessons and, because of that, it'll be after 7 before my wife and I have a chance to sit down and have dinner. I figured pinto bean soup made in the slow cooker would be a nice alternative to frozen pizza.

I also like the fact this is something I can make for less than $5. There's really only three necessary ingredients - one pound of pinto beans ($1.39), a ham steak ($2.39) and an onion (roughly 15 cents because I bought a bag of them).

The pinto beans needed to be rinsed then soaked over night (there's supposedly a quick method of soaking them but I prefer this way) so I chopped up the ham steak and onions too and, this morning, the only thing I had to do was put them in the slow cooker with some water and turn it on low. It should be done by the time we can sit down to eat and I'm sure I'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Of course, my wife did re…

Lunchtime Walk Photos 9/19/2017

It was a pretty pleasant day out today. The sun was out and the temps were in the high 70s, making it very enjoyable to go for my walk.

Surprisingly, however, I really didn't see that much while I was out. I could hear plenty of birds, but they were all staying hidden in the tall grass and brush and, other than the usual frogs, turtles, etc., there wasn't as much to see as I would think would be the case on a nice day like today.

Here are some of the photos I did manage to get: