Book Review: Death of a Glutton by M. C. Beaton (1993)

Synopsis: Maria Worth has worked her tail off to make her exclusive dating service, Checkmate, a success. However, her gluttonous business partner, Petra Gore, has been more of a hindrance than a help, scaring away clients both with her disgusting eating habits and her habit of flirting with the men. Maria hoped to avoid this by secretly booking a romantic getaway for her clients at Tommel Castle. However, when Petra shows up anyway, her plans are, once again, ruined. And, when Petra is found murdered, just about everyone, including herself, is a suspect. Fortunately, Hamish Macbeth is on the case.

Review: Thanks to a number of distractions, it took me a bit longer to get through this book than it normally does and, for a while, I was beginning to wonder if I would have to renew it from the library. However, I was able to finally get through this murder mystery a couple days ago and, after doing so, have to say I enjoyed every minute of it.
This book was similar to many of the earlier …

Review of Healthy Choice Unwrapped Burrito Scramble Morning Power Bowl

I came across this particular product while doing some grocery shopping a couple days ago. It looked intriguing but, at the time, I was on a tight budget and ultimately just left it in the store freezer.

I was at the store again yesterday evening, however, and, since I knew my morning would be hectic and I would likely need to pick up something for breakfast anyway, I decided to purchase one of these for me and another one for my wife. After having it this morning, my opinion is a bit mixed.

As far as convenience is concerned, I really had no complaints. All I had to do was remove the bowl from the box and pop it in the microwave for about 4 minutes. There were no other steps. In fact, I wasn't even required to remove or vent the bowl's cover.

I will also say the bowl proved to be more filling than I was expecting. Since it was from the Healthy Choice brand, I wasn't really sure if that would be the case or if I would wind up needing to eat something else to get through m…

Lunchtime Walk Photos 3/19/2019

I could hear all kinds of life when I was at the park today but, other than a couple red-winged blackbirds and geese, there wasn't much to be seen. As a result, I decided to avoid the ice-covered trails and, other than a quick stop at the top of the observation tower, wound up walking along the shoreline.

I did, however, still manage to get a few photos:

Goose Pair

I didn't have a lot of time for a walk this morning but did get a quick one in by the lake before heading into the office.
While walking I saw this pair of geese standing on the ice. At first, I thought maybe they were decoys because they didn't move. But, once I got close enough for the photo, they were moving and making all sorts of noise.

Lunchtime Walk Photos 3/18/2019

When I decided to resume my lunchtime walks today, I was concerned the park would prove to be too muddy. As it turns out, I was partially right. It was somewhat muddy. But, there is still quite a bit more ice than mud and, because of that, I did have to edit my route quite a bit.

Other than geese and a few smaller birds, the park was somewhat quiet as far as wildlife goes. But, I did still manage to get some photos.

Geese on a Frozen Lake

It's warming up enough for me to at least attempt to take a lunchtime walk today (depending on how much mud there is). As a preview to that, I did go out before coming into the office and took a couple photos of some geese resting on our still-frozen lake.

They were quite a distance away and I wasn't brave/stupid enough to try to walk on the ice. But, I did manage to get these.

Some More Squirrel Photos

I'm just sitting around, waiting for the family to get out of bed so we can make a Costco run today (and hoping I can get there since half the state seems to be experiencing flooding). To kill time, I took some photos of the squirrels in our front yard.