He Wore Himself Out

The cats' new climbing tree has stairs. But, Mouse doesn't like taking the easy way and insists on climbing up the side of it. Climbing, however, isn't as easy as it was when he was just a kitten and pulling up that extra weight last night seemed to take a lot out of him. Shortly after making it to the top of the cat tree, he ended up flopping down for a nap and was out for about an hour.

Lunchtime Walk Photos 3/15/2018

It was a beautiful day out today (though a bit chilly) so I managed to get my walk in. Unfortunately, I didn't see too much while out and didn't get a lot of photos as a result. However, I did manage to get another photo of the smoke from that apartment building fire and a photo of one of the news choppers flying around as a result of it.

Ominous Smoke on the Horizon

More than a week after one of our local apartment buildings was severely damaged from an accidental explosion caused by someone making bombs in his apartment, the local fire department has set fire to the building.

I haven't seen anything explaining why he was making bombs (he was killed in the blast) but officials deemed the building too unsafe to re-enter and, since the chemicals he used weren't able to be removed safely, saw burning it to the ground as the only solution. Please keep the 15 or so families that lost their living space (and all their personal belongings) because of this in your prayers.

Lunchtime Walk Photos 3/14/2018

Some days, I can go for a walk and snap some totally awesome pictures. Other days, like today, I am reminded why I don't do this for a living.  I'm not sure why, but I just had one of those outings where I seemed to blur every photo I took. I did, however manage to get a few that looked OK and am posting them.

Well, That Was Dumb of Me

I woke up this morning (15 minutes before my alarm, as usual) and decided to lie in bed under my blankets until the furnace kicked in and took some of the chill out of the house.

Well, after a minute or so, the furnace wasn't firing up and, at that moment, I realized I forgot to move the clock on the thermostat ahead one hour on Sunday.

As Homer Simpson would say - "Do'h!"

Book Review: Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie (1935)

Synopsis: A French moneylender and blackmailer, Madame Giselle, is found dead on a plane traveling from France to England and detective Hercule Poirot, also a passenger, determines she has been murdered by a poisoned dart. When a blowgun is found behind Poirot's seat and a grand jury nearly indicts him as a result, the famed detective takes it personally and tries to determine which passenger is a murderer and, just as important, how that person killed Madame Giselle without being seen.

You can read my review here:

The Robins Are Back

Call me old fashioned, but I just don't believe spring is around the corner until I see at least one robin. And, today, I was able to see this one while on my walk.