Tired Cat

Mouse is usually our good cat but, last night he (along with his brother, Echo) was being kind of a pest. And, this morning, he decided he wanted to be up on the counter, something he normally never does.

I think it might be because our daughter, Summer, spent the night at a friend's house last night. He seems to have some separation issues when she's not around.

Movie Review: Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (1977)

Synopsis: A cargo plane carrying coffee beans from South America crashes in a small, drought-stricken California town. In addition to its cargo and crew, the plane carries a swarm of deadly spiders that quickly escape and begin biting local residents. To make matters worse, the spiders move into a warehouse containing the town's newly-picked orange crop and residents must find a way to kill the arachnids without ruining the oranges and sending the town into financial ruin.

Who's in it? The movie stars Claude Akins, Deborah Winters, Pat Hingle, Howard Hesseman and Charles Frank.

Review: My youngest daughter was invited to a birthday party/sleepover at her friend's house last night and my wife was invited to join the other moms for a while as well. So, since it was just my oldest daughter and me, we ended up watching this movie.
This was the first time I had heard of this film and I wasn't really sure what to expect from it. But, since movies involving bugs usually seem to…

Some Back Yard Photos

I was starting to doze off in the recliner so I decided to go outside in an attempt to pull some more weeds from the garden. But, it's pretty darn hot outside right now and, since I'm still a little sore from mowing in the heat yesterday, I decided to take it easy and grabbed my camera instead. Here are some of the photos from my back yard.

Review of John Soules Foods Fully-Cooked Beef Steak

My wife had to do some shopping yesterday afternoon and, while at Wal-mart with the kids, decided to pick up something for dinner. She came across this item and picked it up with the intention of adding some vegetables and making stir fry.

She did just that last night and I was very impressed with this meat. This is primarily because I enjoyed how it was seasoned. It had just enough to give it some flavor without the meat being too spicy or peppery. It complemented the vegetables well as a result.

I also liked the fact the meat wasn't too tough. This has been the case with similar products we've purchased in the past and is a big reason why I usually don't buy products like this. But, in this case, the meat was just the way it should have been.

As a result of all of this, I do think this is a product I would purchase again, either to make beef steak sandwiches or something else, like the stir fry we had last night. If you come across this while shopping, I would recommend…

Lunchtime Walk Photos 5/25/2018

It's pretty warm out there right now and I plan on mowing later so, in addition to making sure I'm hydrating, I decided to keep my walk a little shorter than normal.

I did, however, manage to get a few photos while I was out, including what I'm showing below.

Fish Video

I braved the mosquitoes this morning and went in search of the deer I saw yesterday morning. I didn't find it. But, I did manage to get a video of this carp (at least I think it is a carp) splashing around in one of the ponds.