Thoughts From the Kindred Spirits Episode "The Executioner"

Synopsis: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry visit a New York home that once belonged to the state's first executioner, Edwin R. Davis because the home's current owner thinks there is a demonic spirit trying to kill him.

My Thoughts:

1. For all the talk about the dangers of amateur investigations, Amy and Adam sure made a bit amateur mistake of their own. They went into the house assuming the ghost they were trying to talk to was Edwin Davis rather than first doing their research to see who else might have lived in the home or going in with no assumptions at all.

2. The video of the homeowner, Jason, falling down those basement steps was inconclusive. To me at least, it looked like he stumbled. I saw nothing that convinced me he was pushed by an unseen entity. And, his claim he couldn't stumbling first could easily be explained by the fact he hit his head.

3. Also, as much as I tried to use my imagination watching Amy and Adam's video of those same steps, I just couldn't be c…

Review of Velveeta Lasagna with Meat Sauce Cheesy Bowls

Normally, I try to bring my lunch with me from home. But, I just wasn't in the mood to do that this morning (I even told my oldest daughter I would pay for her to have hot lunch at school for the first time this year) and decided, instead, to just pick something up after my walk.

I ended up going to Kwik Trip before returning to the office with the intention of picking up one of their burgers. However, when I got there, that section had already been picked clean and, since I didn't have time to wait for them to bring out some more, I ended up looking for an alternative. After a lot of consideration, I wound up buying this product for $3.59.

When I purchased this item, I really wasn't sure what to expect from it. I've had similar products in the past and very few (actually, none that I can think of at the moment) were very good. However, I made this when I got back to the office and, overall, I thought it was a decent purchase.

As far as convenience goes, I have no com…

Review of Blue Bunny Bunny Snacks

I had to stop at the store last night for some more cat food and, since my wife and I had already decided on leftover pinto bean soup for dinner, I ended up stopping by the freezer section in search of something for dessert.

When I first saw this product, I gave serious consideration to leaving it in the freezer. This is because, while it looked good, I thought the $4.99 price was a little high, especially since it didn't look like it offered too much in quantity. However, after failing to decide on something else, I decided to pick up a bag of the salted caramel pretzel variety as well as the chocolate chip variety.

We ended up having these, as planned, after dinner last night. And, after trying them, I'm not convinced buying them was the right decision.

I'll start out by saying these weren't bad. In fact, I had one of the salted caramel ones and thought it had a good taste to it. It's just there really wasn't anything special about them either. As my wife de…

Heron Video

Since I had a little extra time while out on my walk, I decided to get a video of the heron as it was looking for something to snack on.
I'm sorry for the video being a bit shaky. My arms were already getting tired from walking in the 90ish degree temps and, since I didn't have my tripod with, I had to hold the camera.

Heron Photo

I nearly missed this heron as I was heading back to my car after my lunchtime walk today. It was very still and almost blended in to the shoreline behind it. Fortunately, I was able to get a photo of it without causing it to fly away first.

Just a View of the Lake

It was clear and calm out this morning so, when the sun got high enough for me to get a halfway decent shot, I decided to grab a photograph of Beaver Dam Lake before getting in my car and heading into the office.

Duck Pair

I went for my morning walk along the lake this morning and spotted this pair of mallards washing themselves up near the shoreline. They originally gave me the evil eye and looked like they would swim or fly away. But, they ultimately stuck around long enough for me to get the photo.