Movie Review: Flight of the Living Dead (2007)

Synopsis: A scientist secretly transports a frozen woman infected with a zombie virus on a passenger plane to Paris. When the plane runs into turbulence, the woman is woken up and the virus quickly spreads.

Who's in it? The movie stars David Chisum, Kristen Kerr, Richard Tyson, Erick Avari and Siena Goines.

Review: With everything going on around us with this COVID-19 stuff, I figured it was as good of night as any to watch a zombie movie. And, when I came across this one on VUDU, I couldn't resist.

Truthfully, I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie and mostly wonder if it would turn out to be a terrible film. However, it wound up being a lot better than I thought it would be.

For one, having a zombie film take place in such a confined space added a little extra suspense to the movie. There were very few places to hide and, unlike many other zombie films, it wasn't as though potential weapons were readily available.

Adding to this was the way the zombies would pop out of walls and the floor, allowing them to attack the passengers and crew without warning. It was definitely different from the average zombie film, which usually has people with plenty of time to flee from an approaching hoard.

I also liked how the movie was relatively fast paced. We were given just enough information about each of the main characters to make it easy to like or hate them (which is really the only thing you need to know about a character in a horror film) but didn't have to wait an eternity for the action to start, something that can't be said about most other films in this genre.

Final Opinion: It probably wasn't the best movie I've ever seen or even the best zombie film. But, it proved to be entertaining and I did enjoy it enough to recommend it.

My Grade: B


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